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In an era dominated by cybercrime, SECUREU stands as a shield between you and the ever-emerging threats of the 21st century. We offer comprehensive solutions that are designed for you needs. No more shopping off the shelf for services that are either too complex or too simple, you can now choose what you need and we will customize the solution just for you.

A young team of experts, we are up to date on every new trend that security teams across the world are grappling with. Modern security penetration has evolved by leaps and bounds and thus while experience is key, expertise in new-age solutions is the difference between being reactive and proactive during an attack.

Our Philosophy


We aim to proactively secure our clients and their customers from cyber threats & help them expand their business securely. 


Our goal is to make cybersecurity accessible to businesses with our customised, yet affordable and state of the art solutions. 


We provide comprehensive security solutions to ensure safety & protection for mid & small sized businesses. 

How can we help you get secure?

01 Analysis

We conduct comprehensive security analysis as it plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of an organization’s security assessment. It provides an understanding of the current situation and identifies the problems or opportunities that need addressing. Our team performs an exhaustive examination of the digital infrastructure, all the applications, and business processes, thus enabling us to formulate tailored security solutions for your business.

02 Scoping

Our team carefully defines the scope of your cybersecurity needs, understanding your unique requirements and risk profile, so that we can efficiently allocate resources and prioritise measures to protect your critical assets. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your unique requirements and your organisation’s risk profile, we’re able to efficiently allocate resources and prioritise protective measures. This tailored approach ensures that your critical assets receive the highest level of security to mitigate potential threats effectively.

03 Planning

An in-depth security planning allows us to create a detailed roadmap for our assessment that encompass proactive measures, incident response strategies, and continuous monitoring. This includes laying out the tasks, resources, timeframes, and budgets required and preparing ourselves for the unforeseen security issues that we might face. Hence, our team works in sync to carry out a risk assessment and devise techniques to mitigate potential issues. 

04 Implementation

Our expert cybersecurity team executes the strategic plans by integrating cutting-edge security tools, performing rigorous configurations, and conducting thorough testing to fortify your organisation  against cyber threats, ensuring a robust and secure digital environment. This is when our team of seasoned experts bring in their extensive knowledge to perfectly execute the strategic plans to provide a meticulous security assessment aligned with your organisation’s unique requirements.

Intial Analysis

Mapping And Examination

Planning And Evaluation

Implementation & Monitoring


With the latest technology and a comprehensive understanding of how businesses work, our experts help clients with their small to mid-sized projects. We help you implement a secure infrastructure that you can rely on as you focus on growing your business.


We constantly monitor your security system and develop efficient solutions to address the problems that may arise. From the moment we take on a project, we ensure that you always have assistance when it comes to security troubles and that any security issues you face are resolved quickly.

Proactive Security Measures

Stay ahead of cyber threats with SECUREU's vigilant and smart security approach, where we anticipate and tackle potential risks before they become real problems, keeping your digital assets safe and sound.

Customised Solutions

Your unique needs deserve personalised attention! At SECUREU, we craft customised cybersecurity solutions that perfectly match your business, ensuring a snug fit for impenetrable protection.

Cost - Effective Solutions

Worried about cybersecurity breaking the bank? Fear not! With us, you get powerful protection at affordable prices, so you can stay secure without straining your budget.

Detailed Security Reports & Insights

Get the full picture! Our easy-to-understand security reports provide valuable insights into your cyber defences, empowering you with actionable steps to reinforce your digital fortress.

What sets us apart?

SECUREU stands as a cybersecurity powerhouse, empowering clients with expert precision and cutting-edge protection. Our tailored solutions ensure businesses thrive in a secure digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data and staying ahead of emerging threats.
Secureu as a cybersecurity solution powerhouse

Meet the team

Team of experts that have come together to safeguard your business interests! 

Aditya Anand

Founder & CEO

Sathyaprakash Sahoo

Head of Product

Awadhoot Shembekar

Head of Service

Dipanshu Sendre

Security Engineer

Ippatapu Venkata Srisurya

Software Developer

Sujal Gupta

Software Developer

Shruti Sehgal

Business Development Executive

Skills & Expertise

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The OSCP is a hands-on penetration testing certification that requires holders to penetrate various systems and infrastructures in a secured environment. It is one of the few certifications that requires proof of practical penetration testing skills and is recognized in the security community

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The Certified Ethical Hacker is a qualification provided by the EC-Council. It is acquired after demonstrating knowledge in the assessment of security in computer systems by finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system.

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The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst is another certification provided by the EC-Council. This certification teaches advanced security techniques and Licensed Penetration Tester methodologies which are considered to be the last word in ethical hacking expertise.

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The Fortinet Network Security Expert certification provides technical professionals with an independent confirmation of their skills and experience in network security. It provides an introduction to the current cyberthreats and teaches you how to secure your information.

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The second level of the Fortinet Network Security Expert certification teaches you about the evolution of cybersecurity and the types of cybersecurity products that vendors have created to tackle security issues that networks and organisations face.

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