SECUREU has performed hundreds of network vulnerability assessments to assist organizations in understanding and effectively implementing network defense. We do external and internal network penetration testing on a network. 


Most enterprises now use a website and a mobile application as their official face on the internet. Nobody wants to lose them in a cyber attack. As a result, SECUREU ensures that your website and mobile applications are thoroughly tested before they are accessible to the general public.


With significant workloads shifting to various cloud platforms, an organization's security landscape is always shifting. As a result, our team develops and implements best-in-class cloud security solutions to keep our clients data safe on the cloud.


APIs make it easier for businesses and teams to use the functionality you supply without having to create it yourself. However, because your APIs are public, if a vulnerability exists, it implies that possibly any application that uses your API is impacted. We use various tools & methodology to test your API for any kind of security loopholes

Whom do we cater ?


Being able to provide security while adhering to the rules and needs of the organisation is of utmost importance. Having years of experience helps us to better understand the needs of a full-blown business & how to cater to them.

With our Enterprise Security Solutions, we make sure that your business is protected against any cyber attack.




Startups are one of the most crucial focus of our business. We understand how important it is to get the right start for your business and to be able to hit your stride early on.

As a startup ourselves we truly believe that our solutions can benefit you the most as we can relieve the pressure off your shoulders by securing the revolutionary ideas that you are working on while we take care of its security aspect.


We cater to personal requirements of individuals who are looking to keep their online identities & personal identifiable data private and secure. We believe that security & privacy needs to be instilled on a personal level in a world where everyone spends most part of their life online than offline.

We will spend our time understanding your privacy needs and the level of security you require before we can begin our magic!

What do you get?

End-to-End Protection

Every feature will be thoroughly tested for security loopholes.

Timely Security Reports

A well-documented security assessment report that includes satisfactory explanation and mitigation for specific security vulnerabilities.

Extended Support

Support from our team to fix the issues and to ensure such vulnerabilities do not arise again.