Some cybersecurity tips for Startups

Some cybersecurity tips for Startups

Often, startups tend to overlook the importance of strengthening protection. This is why they are susceptible to cyberattacks. According to a report by the Cyber Security Breached Survey, medium and small industries struggle the most due to cyber-attacks all over the world. This is precisely why startups need to focus on security right off the bat. It is essential that startups secure themselves against infiltration, as failure to do so can lead to bankruptcy. Large firms may recover from a breach, but the possibility of startups recovering from a breach is truly slim. To prevent themselves from shutting down, startups should follow best security practices to defend their firms and, consequently, build trust among their customers.

Here are some tips startups can use at the beginning of their journey to ensure a safe and secure business.

Two-Factor Authentication

A critical step to safeguarding a startup is to implement two-factor authentication. This simple step can help reduce the likelihood of attacks or unexpected misuse. If startups integrate 2F authentication, they can enable an extra layer of security while still making sure that sensitive information is available to those who need to access it.

Usually, it is believed that two-factor authentication is only for financial services. If so, one should remember how Ola was hacked during its initial years. On that account, startups should secure access to information on networks with the help of 2FA or even better, multi-factor authentication.

Social Engineering and Educating Employees

Social Engineering attempts to psychologically manipulate employees and obtain sensitive information from them without using any code. As it happens, it has proven to be the easiest way to access any network. These social engineering attacks are generally conducted via email or other forms of communication.

This is why raising awareness is critical for startups to certify that confidential data cannot be leaked accidentally. It is believed that hackers generally try to attack employees who have low to no technical expertise, as they are the ones who are most likely to fail to recognise the threat. Any opening in the startup’s defence can negatively affect it and decrease its brand value. Holding workshops about cybersecurity for all employees is a good way to raise awareness of threats. A lot of attacks can be prevented if your employees have a bit of a background in cybersecurity and the types of threats that companies face.

Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that is created to deny access to files on a computer. It works by encrypting these files and demanding a ransom to provide access to the files again. Ransomware can also have added functionality such as data theft to incentivize victims to pay the ransom.

Ransomware happens to be the most detrimental for businesses, as it extorts a massive amount of money in exchange for access to files. Hospitals and public schools used to be frequent victims of ransomware attacks, but they have now spread to startups as well as personal computers. Ransomware attacks can be deadly even for large corporations, let alone startups. While ransomware attacks can occur due to viruses and loopholes in security, one way to reduce the chances of this attack is to shun all unauthentic software.

Testing Your Defences

Even if a startup spends a large sum of money on their security system, it won’t matter unless they test it to ensure that it works. Finding chinks in your armour is a vital step toward having a secure system. This is why startups should regularly get their defences appraised through pen-testing and by hiring cybersecurity consultants. This will give them insights into the weaknesses of their security systems as well as give them information on how to protect themselves better.


Security may not be a top priority for startups, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Often, startups cannot bear the cost that entails a breach. This is why startups must constantly take steps to ensure that they can operate safely and confidently by following best cybersecurity practices and updating their defenses whenever possible.

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